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Photo and Negative Scanning Service

Get rid of the bulky boxes full of photos and slides. You can get all of your memories digitized and organized. Share them with family and friends or view your photos on your TV, smartphone, or computer.
Want your photos easily accessible and organized?

Do you love your pictures from the good old days? Is it a hassle to pull out the slide projector? With Immure Record’s photograph restoration services in Minneapolis, you can play your old photos on a smart TV, smartphone, or computer, or even create a stunning slideshow with music and graphics played through a DVD or Blu-ray player. If that’s not your thing, we can also put your photos on a data disc or hard drive for consolidating, backing up, or sharing on social media.
We can digitize your photos, slides, and negatives to DVD or USB drives. All of your pictures will be 4800 dpi high-resolution copies. All of the film and slides are first professionally cleaned before they are scanned.

We do not do batch scanning because we believe all pictures are not the same. We look at each image as it is scanned and adjust for brightness and color correction to ensure you get the best possible result possible. When completed, we can put your pictures on a data DVD or hard drive for you to create your slide show, or we can do this for you. Our DVD or Blu-ray slideshows are visually stunning. With transitions, text, and graphics. All slideshow videos can be put to music. You can either provide your favorite music, or we also have a massive collection of royalty-free music that can match any mood of your show. When it comes to transferring photo slides to digital, our Minneapolis team puts quality above all else.
Slide Scanning Service Minneapolis MN
We can scan virtually any format from 35mm film strips or rolls, mounted 35mm slides, medium format (120mm or 220mm) negatives, and all printed photos.

Along with scanning, we also offer photo restoration. We can take any torn or damaged negative and restore the image back to perfect.

Get your slides or photos transferred to digital with our photo scanning service in Minneapolis today!
Negative Scanning Minneapolis MN
Discover the quality of every scan

Whats included with your order

Immure Records Step Two Slide Scanning
Immure Records Step One Slide Scanning
The Transfer Process
- Photos, slides, and negatives are scanned in high resolution
- Exposure and fading correction is performed if needed
- Images are saved in high resolution.Tiff files
- Pictures are organized in folders per customer requirements

Once Received
- Visual inspection of your media for damage
- Professional cleaning of your slides and negatives

Immure Records Step Four Slide Scanning
Immure Records Step Three Slide Scanning
The Final Product
- All Tiff files are burned onto a data disk or flash drive if requested
-  .Jpeg files and burned onto a data disk for sharing over the internet (yes you get both formats per order)
- Printing the data disk of contents and put into a slimline CD case
Post Production Process
- Minor dust and scratches are removed
- Color correction and grain reduction are done if needed
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